A big day

St John’s College Librarian, Kathryn McKee, places the Gisburne Bible in the display case

The Gisburne Bible arrived back in Guisborough today for the first time in almost 500 years. It is now in the stunning display case, ready for the official opening of the display by the well-known author, Philippa Gregory, at 10.30am tomorrow.

And we also put up the spectacular embroidered banner that has been made by thirty local members of Guisborough Embroiderers’ Guild to commemorate this year’s 900th anniversary.

The 900th anniversary banner designed and made by Guisborough Embroiderers’ Guild

Come along and see for yourself – the display continues until 29 October.

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A case for…

Today the display case for the Gisburne Bible was delivered and assembled by Stuart and Barry from About Presentation. It looks great, even without its contents, which are due to arrive tomorrow. Thank you to Stuart and Barry for all their hard work.

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Guisborough Library gets ready

A big thank you to Carol and all the staff at Guisborough Library who have been helping to prepare the library for the arrival of the Gisburne Bible later this week. They have made a lovely space for the display and done everything with enthusiasm and good grace.

Librarian, Carol Williamson, in the area where the Gisburne Bible will be displayed in Guisborough Library
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World Qi Gong Day

Twenty five people celebrated Word Qi Gong Day on 14th September with an hour long Qi Gong session in Gisborough Priory. Thanks go to John and Dorothy Poole for leading and organising the session.

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Fungi, fruit and flowers

Photos of some of the fruits of late summer now appearing in the woodland gardens.

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Help raise funds when you shop online

Gisborough Priory Project will receive a payment from #easyfundraising if we raise £15 or more in donations by 30th September! You can help us hit this target by remembering to use #easyfundraising EVERY time you shop online. 4,000 shops and sites will donate, so you can support us no matter what you’re buying – at no extra cost to you. If you find that you forget to raise donations, get the Donation Reminder. This will give you handy alerts every time a donation is available! Visit: http://efraising.org/00M2iHi13w

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Tai chi

The sun shone on the 70 people who took part in the first tai chi session in the priory this year. This gentle exercise session, suitable for all ages was expertly led by John and Dorothy Poole. There will be further free sessions on 15 and 22 August, 10.15am to 11.15am. There is no need to book – just turn up and join in.

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Butterflies galore

There are clouds of butterflies feasting on the plants in the priory, especially the buddleia. Why not come and see for yourself. You could also take part in the Big Butterfly Count – find out more at https://www.bigbutterflycount.org/ where you can also download a handy butterfly chart to help you identify the butterflies that you see.

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