Group Visits

We welcome group visits. Organise your own visit to the priory and gardens during normal opening hours or ask us to organise special guided tours and activities for your group.

If you want to organise a group visit please complete this group visit booking form. If you want us to provide guided tours or other activities, or to visit outside normal opening hours, the booking should be made at least 1 month in advance.

We would appreciate a donation for group visits that take place during normal opening hours. If the visit is held outside normal opening hours a charge is usually payable by the group. The minimum charge is currently £25 for the first two hours and a further £10 per hour thereafter.

Your group should make your own risk assessment for their visit. You can visit the site during normal opening hours to help prepare your risk assessment. If Gisborough Priory Project has agreed to provide specially organised tours or activities during the visit, risk assessments will be prepared by Gisborough Priory Project for these activities.