Guided Tour

Sunday 15th September 2024 14:00

Join us for a guided tour to learn about the founding of Gisborough Priory. The tour also explores the early development and how it became one of the richest Priories in the country. Discover the connections with King Robert de Brus and the role the Priory played in him becoming King of Scotland.

Explores the connections between the Saxons, the Vikings, the Normans and the Scottish King Robert the Bruce with Gisborough Priory. Founded by Robert de Brus in 1119, Gisborough Priory had access to De Brus lands across England and Scotland.

We begin by looking at the links between the Saxons, Vikings and Normans and the foundation of the Priory. Next we go on to look at the importance of the Priory to the Kings of both England and Scotland.

The second part of the tour discusses the links between the fortunes of the Priory and the fortunes of the De Brus family. We will look at the links to the Scottish King Robert the Bruce. The Priory’s church was rebuilt three times, each grander and more decorative than the last as a result of those links.

The tour will help visitors understand the links between the ruins that they see and the previous grandeur of the building. Therefore, the final part of the tour focuses on the turmoil leading to the Dissolution of the Priory.

It will last for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The Acle Early Medieval Reenactment camp, which focuses on life just before the foundation of the Priory, will also be here. Visitors can see a living demonstration of the crafts and activities that took place in a typical Saxon village.